About Us

Our Values

We never do anything that mom would not approve, if she were watching us, because she probably is!

Our Mission

At ProfiMax Media our mission is simple. In fact, it’s right there in our name. We want to maximize your profits!

How We Do It

Our passion for SMB’s drives us to continually seek out powerful digital marketing strategies and provide those for our clients.

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About ProfiMax Media

ProfiMax Media was launched in 2013 to bring cutting edge Digital Marketing Strategies to small and medium sized businesses (SMBs).

The company was founded by Rodney Gaylor after he witnessed the Internet’s evolution from Dot Com Bust in the late 1990’s to Dot Com Must in the 2000’s.

Rodney brings over 30 years of Business & Information Technology experience to the local offline business community.

When asked to describe the essence of ProfiMax Media, Rodney explains it quite simply as “Internet Marketing For Main Street.”

What We Do

At ProfiMax Media we know that most offline business owners are too busy running their business to really take advantage of all of the marketing potential the Internet has to offer them.

But we also know that every offline business must employ powerful and well-crafted digital marketing strategies if they intend to survive in today’s business climate.

In fact, in today’s marketplace a business with no website is perceived by most consumers as basically non-existent. And if a company has a non-mobile friendly website they are probably losing over half of their potential Internet search traffic.

We Can Fix That! But that’s not all we do…

Beyond Mobile-First Website Design, we also provide comprehensive Lead Generation Strategies, Reputation Management & Marketing, and Local Search Engine Marketing Services.

We are passionate about growing small and medium sized businesses. We believe that they are the backbone of the American economy. And we are doing our part to support these pillars of the local community by providing a variety of powerful digital marketing strategies designed to…

  • Get your business more paying customers
  • Increase your average transaction value per customer
  • Increase the frequency of purchases from your customers

If you are ready to aggressively grow your business… and your profits... contact us today!

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